Times The ‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’ Rule Was In Full Effect

“Look! Over there!” is an exclamation that soon will become obsolete. In the age of technological wonders, crispy high-quality camera images can be taken by everyone — from an innocent toddler to a wily centenarian. Yes, the click, capture, and post mentality will expose people to slight embarrassment, but the joy of a goof caught in the act is worth the egg on your face.

Thanks to the foot soldiers out there with sharp eyes and camera-ready fingers, these hilarious “you had to be there” moments have been immortalized for our enjoyment. We owe them gratitude for these silly snapshots that caught people at the worst (or maybe best!) time…

1. Pretty meta that someone snuck a picture of this man sneaking a picture in the church pews. The real revelation of this sneaky snipe is the common unifier that the flash-on issue knows no discrimination.

2. Throwing an object at someone and shouting “heads up!” is the oldest prank in the book. Buster pulled the ultimate power move by unhinging his jaws and gulping the snowball into liquid submission.

3. “Man, that song is garbage!” After the constant disappointment of the music industry, one musician had a light bulb. Strumming out an acoustic diary entry from the bowels of a trashcan had to have some artistic significance other than the obvious “stinker” comparison.

4. No one likes to disagree with Rihanna, however, in this case, it is necessary. Please, do stop the music! The title of Dance Dance Revolution victor is not worth the pain and suffering recorded from three different camera angles.

5. Caught in the act. She thought she had invented this totally convenient phone holder and was going to keep it a secret. Thank goodness someone documented her genius usage of that boring paper object.

6. Does this mirror provide a peek into a middle-aged man future? Unlike the Mirror of Erised, this looking glass won’t reveal your deepest desires, but the hauntingly limited selections of men’s clothing options at the Gap.

7. If the sun didn’t defeat that guy, then surely an extreme thigh grip did. If the concert you’re attending is so uninteresting that you have to find amusement in strangers in the crowd, then it wasn’t shaping up for that guy to have fun anyway.

8. People no longer use pen and paper to jot down books they like to read, instead, they take a picture. That book was worth clogging up the old camera roll. She barely cracked the spine and already saw incredible results.

9. Camper vans are the physical embodiment of the phrase “no worries.” When he signed up for a Hakuna Matata lifestyle, he didn’t notice the fine print about Fred Flinstoning the vehicle home from the dealership.

10. Before the unfamiliarity of dating apps, it was love at first swipe for these window washing sweethearts. When she rung out the shammy rag, he presented her with a ring.